HarvestedHereLogoThe Burns family has been raising Hereford cattle in the Sequatchie Valley of Tennessee for sixty years. We continue to produce championship quality cattle for other producers and meat suppliers, including Certified Hereford Beef.

Our family has enjoyed the beef produced on our farm for decades and we are now offering it for direct sale to the consumer. By choosing one of our packages you can be confident in knowing where it came from as well as having the ability to customize your cuts of meat.

The herd is born and raised in our pastures and never confined to a stockyard. Depending on the season we offer cattle grain and hay grown on our land in the last few weeks. We think our beef is special and we hope you do too! We are passionate about raising extraordinary beef with love and care for the animal. The cattle are raised all natural, allowing them to mature at their own rate without unnecessary pharmaceutical intervention. The slaughter facility we work with is USDA inspected and allows each customer to specify thickness and type of their cuts of beef.

smaller packages
10 lbs ground beef :
• $80.00

Hamburger Patties (4 per pack):
• $8.00/lb

25 lb. Premium Dry-Aged Ground Beef:
• Estimated 25 lbs.
• $175.00

25 lb. Steak and Beef:
• 15 pounds Dry- Aged Ground Beef
• 10 pounds Steaks 
• $350.00

25 lb. Premium Choice Cuts:
• 10 pounds of Dry-Aged Ground Beef
• 7 pounds of Steaks
• 8 pounds of Roasts
• $325.00

50 lb. Premium Choice Cuts:
• 20 pounds of Dry-Aged Ground Beef
• 15 pounds of Steaks
• 15 pounds of Roasts
• $550.00

Choose one package and add additional cuts (depends on availability)
• Ribeyes: $22.00/lb
• NY Strips: $20.00/lb
• Sirloins: $15.00/lb
• Filets: $25.00/lb
• Brisket: $10.00/lb
• Roasts: $7.00/lb

Reusable Cooler Bags
In keeping with our commitment to care for the environment we are offering to use these bags instead of boxes. If you would like to join us please request this option. Bags cost $3.00.

Referral Program
Be a Burns Farms Beef Ambassador! If a referred friend or family member makes a purchase you will receive:
• Priority Reservations
• Swag Gift
• Discounts

Custom Cuts
Half Beef (Limited Availability):
• Estimated 200-275 lbs.
• $1600

Average Breakdown of Cuts (Standard order):
• Steaks – 19%
• Roasts – 17%
• Round cuts – 9%
• Hamburger – 45%
• Miscellaneous – 10%
• Customers may also choose packages of steak and hamburger only.  These cuts normally result in 60% hamburger, 40% steaks.
• Steaks can be cut to customer preferred thickness, from ½” and up.
• Hamburger can be packaged in 1, 2, or 5 pounds.
• Roasts can be cut to 2 or 3 pounds.
• To prepare for your meat, the rule of thumb is one cubic foot of freezer space for each 35 to 40 pounds of cut and wrapped meat. You should allow for slightly more space when the meat is packaged in varying shapes.

USDA Inspected. Premium Dry-Aged Pasture Raised Beef.
No Growth Hormones and No Antibiotics.

We would love for you to visit the farm where you can meet the farmer and see the cows. #eatlocal. We feed our families this beef and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve yours as well.